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Englischsprachige Kurse (Sommersemester 2023)

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Courses taught in English (Winter Semester 2022/23)

The following elective courses will be held in English in winter semester 2022.

Many other German language courses are also open for M.Sc. Data Science students. However, generally, for these courses you need to be fluent in German). If you are interested in such courses, please contact Daniel Horn dhornstatistik.tu-dortmundde.

Note that at the current point in time (2021/08/30) it is impossible to say whether classes will be allowed on campus or have to be online, and in the end, this will be different for each class. So please check the individual websites for more information.

Pre-requisites and Reading Courses

Information on the pre-requisites and Reading courses for both Data Science and Econometrics can be found in our Moodle room here.

Statistics Department

For all Statistics courses, you should bring sufficient skills in the fields of Statistics, i.e. you should take and finish your Statistics pre-requisites at first.

Computer Science Department

For all Computer Science courses, you should bring sufficient skills in the fields of Computer Science, i.e. you should take and finish your Computer Science pre-requisites at first.

Mathematics Departments

For all Mathematics courses, you should bring sufficient basic knowledge in the field of Mathematics.

Other Departments

We again have some courses from the linguistics departments. Registration is already closed. Please note that the application to linguistic content is in the foreground of the course.

2 courses from Bochum

2 courses from Dortmund