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Studium Oecologicum

The studium oecologicum is an additional certificate that students can acquire parallel to their studies at TU Dortmund University. Please note that the certificate is generally offered in German, but it may be possible to complete the certificate in English if courses are available. For this, three modules with a total of 10 credit points must be taken and successfully completed:

  • an interdisciplinary basic module
  • one in-depth module from the student's own subject area, if possible
  • one in-depth module from another subject area

The Department of Statistics is part of the subject area of Science and Technology. From our course catalog, the following courses, for example, were in-depth modules in the studium oecologicum in the winter semester 2021/22:

  • Stochastische Prozesse (Spatial and Spatial-Temporal Statistics): Stochastic processes are applied, for example, in the analysis of data for flood statistics
  • Qualitätssicherung (Reliability and Material Fatigue Statistics): Quality assurance deals, for example, with the question of how material consumption can be reduced and thus made more sustainable.

Students can take these courses in their bachelor's or master's program and at the same time receive credit for the studium oecologicum.

As an example for an in-depth module from another subject area than Science and Technology, the Department of Statistics offered in the winter semester 2021/22:

  • Data Literacy (Elementary Data Understanding)

Further information on the studium oecologicum can be found on the pages of the Sustainability Office (please also refer to their German-language page if you are interested)..