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Statistics - It is everywhere!

Every day we are confronted with tables and graphics in newspapers, on television and on the internet. Arguments in politics and economy are often supported by numbers and statistical figures. This gives the impression that the work of statisticians is limited to collecting and presenting data.

But in fact, the field of statistics consists of applied mathematics and problem-oriented data analysis with interdisciplinary applications. Today, hardly any domain in science and industry can do without modern statistical methods. Their application in medicine, economics or technology provides answers to many exciting questions and solutions to tricky problems. For example, with the help of statistics, one can plan clinical studies, control technical processes or master crises on the financial market.

The only independent Department of Statistics in German-speaking countries is located at the Technical University of Dortmund. And only two German universities and one university of applied sciences offer an independent and comprehensive degree program in this field. Diploma statisticians are already trained since 1973, the Bachelor-Master study programme was introduced in the winter semester 2007/2008.

We are a department with a familiar atmosphere and about 800 students. This allows studying in small groups with personal assistance. The proportion of women is about 50 percent. The joint work and the manageable size of the Department of Statistics lead to a pronounced feeling of togetherness - one knows each other well. Numerous activities contribute to this, ranging from surveys to improve the quality of teaching to sports and game tournaments.