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Statistical Topics

Statistical topics can be found in many natural and humanistic applications. This is reflected in our final theses. The three- or six-month final thesis (Bachelor's or Master's thesis) already serves many students as a springboard into professional life. The thesis can be written externally in a company or internally at the university, it can include both theoretical and practical issues.

The breadth of application of statistics in different topics can be seen in the following selection of past theses:

Genetics, clinical trials, medicine

  • Statistical aspects in the planning and evaluation of a clinical study on the metabolism of old people after surgery
  • Classification and clustering of genetic data
  • Comparison of two chemotherapy schemata for the treatment of metastatic colorectal carcinoma

Biology, ecology, meteorology

  • Application of time-series Markov-chain models to the water supply of the Ruhr
  • Statistical methods for the analysis of ozone data

Quality assurance, technology, industry

  • Statistical monitoring of cracks in prestressed concrete bridges
  • Comparison of different methods for sound insertion time detection
  • Machine learning in the automotive sector

Population, elections, education

  • Election and voter analysis for the Bundestag election 1998 using the example of the city of Arnsberg
  • Critical consideration of a study on student achievement in science education

Economy, Capital Market, Shares

  • The German Warrant Market - A Spectral Analytical Investigation of the Random Walk Hypothesis
  • An Econometric Analysis of the Termination Behavior of Sales Representatives of an Insurance Company

Further development of statistical methods

  • Bayesian and Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods
  • L1-penalization / boosting for zero-inflated Poisson regression
  • Analysis of the general concept of data depth for special questions

Statistics in daily life

  • Statistics and data protection - anonymization methods as an approach to conflict resolution
  • Data analytical evaluation of two basketball games
  • Investigation of possible factors influencing penalty shootouts in international soccer matches
  • Comparison of classification methods in mailing optimization