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External internships

Integrated internships (case studies or introductory case studies) are completed during the course of study. The second such internship (Case Studies II in the Master Statistics or Case Studies in the Master Data Science and Master Econometrics) can also be done as an external internship in a company or in another statistical institution. In the BSc Data Science the seminar can also be replaced by an external internship.

General conditions

An arrangement with a professor of the Faculty of Statistics has to be made in advance (internal supervision). Further details and explanations can be found in the general notes on the external internship.

The general notes summarize the ideas and conditions resulting from the examination and study regulations as well as describe the basic features of such internships. The checklists are intended in particular as brief information for the internship institutions. Fundamental for the recognition as Case Studies II or Case Studies (in each case a graded performance record) is the corresponding examination regulations.

In addition, the registration form must be filled out and signed by the supervisors in the company as well as the university.

Search for internship institutions

It is expected that students interested in an external internship will largely take care of finding a suitable institution themselves. Possible companies and institutions that offer internship positions to statistics, data science, or econometrics graduates can be found on the Internship Exchange or the Job Exchange.

The Statistics in the Profession lecture series also frequently provides information about internship opportunities at the featured institutions.

Contacts for external internships (throughout Germany and beyond) can also be made with the graduates of the faculty in the Alumni Association Dortmunder Statistikerinnen und Statistiker e.V..