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Enrollment in the Bachelor of Statistics / Data Science for foreign students

  1. What is the NC for the Statistics / Data Science Bachelor's program?

    Our bachelor programs are open admission (i.e. there is no NC).

  2. What are the formal requirements for the Bachelor of Statistics / Data Science?

    - University entrance qualification (usually your high school diploma). Whether your foreign educational qualification is recognized by TU Dortmund University is checked by uni-assist via the anabin database.

    - Proof of German language skills (language certificate, see also "Language requirements").

  3. When can the Bachelor's program be started?

    Only in the winter semester.

  4. Where do I apply for the Statistics/Data Science Bachelor's program at TU Dortmund University?

    Application has do be done via our International Office. EU/EEA citizens or applicants with a university entrance qualification from an EU/EEA country require an application for admission via the online application of the International Office. All other foreign applicants are requested to apply online via the Arbeits- und Servicestelle uni-assist.

  5. What are the deadlines for the application?

    The Bachelor's programs begin in the winter semester. The application period is currently as follows:- Non-EU/EEA: March 15 to July 15 - EU/EEA: March 15 to Friday before the start of lectures (we recommend an early application).

  6. Is there anywhere I can find out the status of my application?

    No, unfortunately this is not possible. We can neither see nor influence the processing times of uni-assist. Once your application has reached TU Dortmund University, processing usually takes only a few weeks.

  7. What documents do I need to apply for the Bachelor of Statistics / Data Science?

    Information on the application requirements can be found here (EU/EEA) or here (non-EU/EEA).

  8. What happens after the application?

    If you have received an admission letter, you can enroll in the study program within the period stated therein with the documents mentioned (see also the following questions). How you can prepare for your studies in Germany (e.g. regarding visa, health insurance, housing, etc.) can be found here.

  9. How do I enroll for the Bachelor program? What are the deadlines for enrollment?

    For details on enrollment, please refer to your letter of admission and this website.

  10. Which previous knowledge do I need for the study?

    Basic school mathematics and enthusiasm for mathematics and statistics should be present, since the study of statistics is a mathematical study. Furthermore, analyzing data on a computer and learning a programming language plays a central role in the study program, and a corresponding enthusiasm should be present here as well. Also, the usual "soft skills" such as the ability to work in a team and also good English skills are useful.

  11. I didn't have any computer science classes at school and can't program. Can I still study statistics?

    Yes. From the 1st semester on, we teach programming with R. This course teaches the basics of programming and does not require any previous knowledge.

  12. I have already studied another subject at another university and now want to change to Statistics / Data Science. What do I have to do?

    It may be possible to transfer credits already earned or even enroll in a higher bachelor's subject semester (see next point). You can add the relevant educational certificates to your application. Please also refer to the recognition regulations of the TU Dortmund University. The form for the recognition of examination achievements can be found here.

  13. Is it possible to enroll in a higher Bachelor semester?

    If you have already completed a related course of study, you can apply for placement in a higher Bachelor semester when you apply. To do so, compare your previous achievements with the achievements in our Bachelor's degree programs (for this purpose, you can find the module handbook for the Bachelor of Statistics here and for the Bachelor of Data Science here ). The modules should not only be comparable in terms of content, but also in terms of scope (ECTS) and examination form. You can then add the corresponding educational certificates to your application. Among other things, it will also be checked whether the university at which you have completed your studies is state-recognized. You can find the application form for the recognition of examination achievements here. Please also refer to the recognition regulations of the TU Dortmund University.

  14. I have already been admitted to the program at an earlier point in time. Can I use this to start my studies in the coming semester?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible without a new application. An admission is only valid for the semester for which it was issued. However, you can add the admission you have received to your application, which may facilitate the processing procedure. As a rule, admission will be granted again.