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Information events

Different possibilities of study information may be combined:

Dortmunder Tag der Statistik (DOTS)

On this day (currently in February) everything revolves around statistics. In exciting events you will learn a lot of things you didn't know about statistics yet, and everything you always wanted to know about it. In addition, there will be hands-on activities. Entire school classes can also register for this day. All information about the DOTS can be found here.

Abi! Und dann?

With the event series Abi! Und dann? series of events, the Central Student Advisory Service, in cooperation with the faculties, offers prospective students the opportunity to ask questions about studying at the TU Dortmund University. In addition to an insight into the range of courses on offer, detailed information is provided on decision-making and orientation aids, dates and deadlines, application and enrollment, and the organization of the start of studies.

Furthermore, after the general part of each event, some of the study programs are presented in more detail by the respective advisors. The events last about one and a half hours, after which there is sufficient time to answer the questions of those seeking advice.

Further information is available here.

Night of Advice

During the Night of Advice, students of tomorrow can find out more about the range of courses on offer at TU Dortmund University and come into direct contact with students and student advisors. The advising event at TU Dortmund University takes place every year in the summer semester (usually in June). Information about the Night of Advice can be found here.

Dortmunder Hochschultage

Prospective students can attend various lectures to get an impression of everyday study life. In addition, questions about studying can be asked. The Dortmunder Hochschultage take place at the end of the winter semester (currently in January). Further information can be found here.

University Open House

The university-wide Open House takes place every year in October or November on a Saturday. Here, everyone has the opportunity to get to know TU Dortmund better. The day starts with a huge breakfast buffet in the refectory. The Department of Statistics presents itself on this day, for example, with lectures, hands-on activities, study information and interesting facts about statistics. Further information is available here.


At the end of the summer vacations, ten departments of the TU Dortmund University open their lecture halls and invite interested students to "get a taste" of the university. The focus of the SchnupperUni is on mathematics, science and engineering, although the program also includes numerous interdisciplinary contributions. Intensive study counseling, information about BAföG, student housing in Dortmund and studying abroad round off the exciting week. During the entire SchnupperUni, participants will be supervised by student mentors. Further information is available here.

Trial lecture

Lecture visit/trial lecture: If you want to have a look at a statistics lecture before you start your studies, you can visit the lectures Statistics I (winter term) or Statistics II (summer term). The dates can be found in the course catalog.

At the Center for Information and Counseling (ZIB), a list of lectures is published every semester, in which trial events are listed for all departments of the TU Dortmund University; this way, you can also take a look at a possible minor subject.

Girls' Day

In keeping with the basic idea of this day, interested schoolgirls are cordially invited to get to know the various areas of technology and science. In addition, employees can take schoolgirls from their private environment to their workplace and give them an insight into concrete professional conditions. Further information can be found here.

MinTU - Girls at the TU Dortmund

is not only the name, but also the goal of the project! Too few young girls and women decide to study mathematics, computer science, science or technology.

For this reason, the TU Dortmund University, supported by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, launched the project "MinTU- MINT-Mentoring for schoolgirls between 12 and 14 years". Further information can be found here.

Lecture series "Statistik im Beruf"

Insights into professional life are offered in the lecture series "Statistik im Beruf", in which graduates of the Department of Statistics report on their professional activities and answer questions.

Prospective students are also welcome to attend these lectures!


The TU Dortmund University offers particularly high-achieving students the opportunity to take part in selected lectures and exercises. The aim of the SchülerUni project is to provide individual support and motivation for students, early guidance in choosing a course of study and, in the long term, to shorten study times. For this purpose, the Department of Statistics opens the statistics courses of the first year of study.

The prerequisite for participation is the approval of the school (the school administration gives the young students leave from classes) and a positive attitude of the parents as well as the teachers. Further information is available here.

Dortmund Center for Disability and Studies

The Department of Disability and Studies (DoBuS) at TU Dortmund University regularly organizes a trial course "Studying with Disability or Chronic Illness". The event is aimed at all disabled and chronically ill prospective students and new students at the TU Dortmund University. Further information can be found here.

School information

If interested, we are also happy to visit and inform local schools. Interested parties can contact our student advisory team.