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Language requirements

  1. In which language are the courses of the study program?

    The Bachelor of Statistics, Master of Statistics and Bachelor of Data Science are generally taught in German. A good knowledge of German is therefore a basic requirement for successful studies. Only in a few exceptions are elective courses offered in English; in exceptional cases, reports can also be written in English.

    The Master Data Science and the Master Econometrics are offered exclusively in English. However, German elective courses can also be taken.

  2. Which language certificate is required?

    You will need a language certificate to apply for a study place. To find out which certificates are accepted (German for the two Bachelor's degree programs and the Master's in Statistics, English for the Master's in Data Science and the Master's in Econometrics), please visit the website of the International Office here.

    Alternative proof of sufficient English language skills can be provided:

    - A german Abitur

    - Completed Bachelor's degree in English (medium-of-instruction letter)