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Incoming students in the Bachelor's programs

Before starting your studies, a preliminary course in mathematics is helpful in repeating the subject matter from school and getting to know the processes at the university. At TU Dortmund University, such a three-week preliminary course is offered annually in September. For students of the Bachelor's program in Data Science, the preliminary course in Computer Science is also suitable, which also takes place in September.

Participation in the preliminary courses is voluntary and not compulsory.

Incoming students in the Master's programs

Preliminary courses are also offered for Master's students in Statistics and Data Science, in which basic concepts of statistics from the Bachelor's program are repeated. They are primarily addressed to Master's students in or before the first semester who have not completed a Bachelor's program at the Department of Statistics at TU Dortmund University, but explicitly also to students who want to refresh their statistical knowledge before their Master's program. Further information can be found on the subpage on the master's pre-courses.

Orientation Week

During the preliminary courses, there is usually a game café for all first-semester students of the study programs Statistics and Data Science.

A good opportunity to meet the fellow students, to get to know the university and the city, to get detailed information about the minor subjects when studying Statistics, to compile the timetable etc. is the orientation week (O-Phase), where new students are welcomed every winter semester. Usually the orientation week takes place the week before the lectures start.

More information about the activities of the Statistics Student Council can be found on the corresponding website.