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The application process

The International Office provides information on the general process of applying to the Erasmus program.

Step 0: Informational interview at the Department of Statistics

  • Make an appointment with Anna Dustert (erasmusstatistik.tu-dortmundde).
  • The informational interview must take place at least three weeks before the application deadline.
  • Please bring the filled application form (initially without attachments) to your appointment.

Step 1: Application at the Department of Statistics

Required documents:

  • Cover letter with short description of motivation
  • Tabular curriculum vitae
  • Transcripts (starting with high school diploma)
  • Proof of language skills, if applicable

Step 2: Application at the International Office

The International Office itself provides information on how to register with the International Office.

Step 3: Registration at the host university

Please register yourself at your host university (see the websites of the host universities under Offers). In most cases, you will find a corresponding registration option under "International Office". You will not be automatically registered there!

Step 4: Preparation of the Learning Agreement

  • Tabular List of the selected courses at the host university including workload (e.g. SWS or total workload in hours) and links  to the course content
  • Comparison of the matching Dortmund modules
  • Send draft to erasmusstatistik.tu-dortmundde for review.

More information

Many of the required forms and documents as well as further tips for the administration and fund management of the Erasmus program before, during and after the study abroad can be found at the International Office.


Please share your own experience of your stay abroad with fellow students. There is already a comprehensive collection of Erasmus student testimonials available at the University. By sharing your report, you will make the decision easier for fellow students.


All applications will be collected until the application deadline. If the demand exceeds the available places, the applicants will be selected on the basis of the following criteria

  • Duration of the stay abroad: Applicants who wish to study abroad for longer than 3 months will be given priority.
  • Study history: Applicants who are already at an advanced stage of their studies will be given preference.
  • Study achievements and other qualifications.
  • In order to resolve any bottlenecks, we reserve the right to contact applicants before the application deadline to discuss possible alternatives.
  • In most cases, however, it can be expected that all applicants will receive the place they desire. The further steps in the application process are to be discussed individually and differ depending on the place of study and the period of time.

Yes, it is therefore recommended to book a flight early.

No, the tuition fees are covered by the Erasmus grant.

The cost of living (housing, food, leisure) in the partner countries is in some cases significantly higher than the price level in Germany. Depending on lifestyle and leisure behavior, empirical values of 800 to 1000 EUR per month are realistic.

This question should be clarified individually with Prof. Groll and the examination office of the Department of Statistics before the start of the stay abroad.

In many cases this is possible, but due to the lack of an Erasmus contract individual event schedules have to be created. For organizational details, please discuss with Prof. Groll at an early stage.