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Application and enrollment

General information on application, admission and enrollment can be found on the central pages of the TU Dortmund University.

Separate admission requirements apply for the Master Data Science and Master Econometrics programs.


The first point of contact for questions is the Student Advisory Service.

The advisors for international students are Prof. Dr. Roland Fried and M.Sc. Sheila Görz.

Funding Support

Various funding programs can facilitate the financing of studies at TU Dortmund. ERASMUS+ promotes exchange on a European level. Foreign students can also be funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Further information regarding funding opportunities can be obtained from the International Office.

PhD candidates

International students applying for a PhD at the Department of Statistics must submit the following:

  • A proposal for a research area they would like to work on. The candidate should choose a topic that can be completed within two years.
  • A curriculum vitae indicating the candidate's academic career (studies, research areas, publications, professional career). This CV should allow our faculty to compare the statistical training of the candidate with that of our own graduates.


The following institutions of the university can help you with the organization of your daily study routine.

The International Office advises you primarily in all questions concerning your admission. It is also the first point of contact for all other matters concerning preparations for studying in Dortmund. Additionally there is the Housing counseling of the International Office. This offers help in finding accommodation for international students.

A very good way to get in touch with students of the Faculty of Statistics is through the Fachschaft Statistik, the student representatives department. There you can find out which activities are organized by the students. There is also a collection of oral exam transcripts that can be borrowed for exam preparations.

The Getting Started @ Data Science and Econometrics course is primarily aimed at new (international) students in the master's programs Data Science and Econometrics, but all other students are equally welcome. We offer an informative/social/cultural program in a mostly weekly schedule to make your start at TU Dortmund University easier.

The Studierendenwerk in Dortmund is responsible, among other things, for housing  and for the operation of the university's mensa. The opening hours as well as the current menus can be found on the Studierendenwerk website.

The Central Library library on the North Campus carries extensive stocks of specialist literature.

Registration for examinations in the courses of study at the Faculty of Statistics or in the context of your minor is done via the BOSS system. The examination board of the respective study program (Statistics, Data Science, Econometrics) is responsible for the recognition of examination results.

For certifications of diplomas, you should contact the citizens' offices of the city or the AStA (General Student Committee, representing all students of the university).

The Language Advisory Service of the Faculty of Statistics offers language correction of case study and seminar reports as well as Bachelor's and Master's theses written in German. Appointments can be made via e-mail sprachberatungstatistik.tu-dortmundde.