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Soccer through the eyes of the computer

How do you teach computers to watch soccer? How can artificial intelligences not only recognize players, but also understand tactics and analyze mistakes? Manuel Stein answered these and many other questions last Thursday in his talk as part of the SportDatenGrafiken exhibition at the Dortmunder U. Afterwards, moderated by Charlotte Hündgen, he discussed current limitations, new research questions and further fields of application for the methods.

His start-up company Subsequent develops technologies that can automatically analyze television footage of soccer matches. In doing so, they support analysis and coaching teams of various major soccer leagues. Advanced AI models filter interesting situations from available video footage, identify where mistakes and wrong decisions happen, and provide tactical suggestions.

The exhibition shows the results of a seminar offered jointly by the Faculty of Statistics and the Institute of Journalism. The topic is well-known myths from various sports, which were statistically examined and vividly presented. The exhibition will be accompanied by lectures on the topic of sports data and hands-on activities such as a course with sensor measurement.

Further information on the exhibition and other evening events can be found here.