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Dr. Thilo Welz awarded Gustav Adolf Lienert Prize

For his work Cluster-robust estimators for multivariate mixed-effects meta-regression, Dr. Thilo Welz, who was a research assistant at the chair "Mathematical Statistics and Industrial Applications" until March 2023, is awarded the 1st Gustav-Adolf-Lienert Prize 2023 of the International Biometric Society. The prize is the highest ranking young scientist award of the DR-IBS. Eligible applications are primarily accepted publications in international peer-reviewed journals, software packages, or comparable work in the last 2 years. Primary criterion is scientific excellence. Dr. Thilo Welz is already the third award winner after Prof. Sarah Friedrich (Augsburg) and Prof. Dennis Dobler (Amsterdam), who did his PhD under Prof. Markus Pauly.

His work provides important contributions to research synthesis, more precisely to meta-analysis. Meta-analyses allow the results of different studies to be combined and are among the most important analysis methods in biomedical applications. In this process, the results of individual studies are combined to provide the most accurate (overall) effect size estimate possible. In his paper, co-authored with Wolfgang Viechtbauer (Maastricht) and Markus Pauly and published in 2023 in the journal Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, Thilo Welz proposes new estimation methods that enable robust inference for so-called multivariate meta-analyses with different effect sizes. The work is part of a joint DFG project by Tim Friede (Göttingen) and Markus Pauly(Valid methods for meta-analyses with few studies or small numbers of cases), in which Wolfgang Viechtbauer participated as a Mercator Fellow.