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"Data Science meets Football" - Evening event at the "SportDataGraphics" exhibition

Emotions run high in the stadium. But behind professional soccer there is not only emotion, but also science. Last Thursday, Mathias Kolodziej and Alexander Gerharz from BVB's "Sports Science" department were at the Dortmunder U. As part of the "SportDatenGrafiken" exhibition, they provided insights into the work with sports data at Borussia Dortmund.

Professional soccer is becoming one thing above all: increasingly professional. And so the analysis of athletes by means of data is also playing an increasingly important role. BVB collects comprehensive data on its athletes, Kolodziej and Gerharz tell us in their presentation. Various methods such as blood tests, analysis by GPS tracker or sensor rings and questionnaires are used.

Large data sets then have to be processed in such a way that recommendations for training can be derived from them. The most important thing is to break down the data as simply as possible. The findings have to be communicated to the trainer in a short time so that he can incorporate them into training and match preparation, explains Kolodziej. The sports scientist, who himself studied at the TU, also reports on how the work with athletes and coaches proceeds. It often depends on the background of the coach, he says. Depending on how open-minded he is about the data analyses, the data can be incorporated to a greater or lesser extent into training, match preparation and play.

In Edin Terzić, who himself studied sports science, we have a coach who is very open to working with data.

The discussion following the lecture was moderated by Marie Gundlach, a student at the Institute of Journalism. The guests also had the opportunity to ask their questions.

The next evening event of the "SportDatenGrafiken" exhibition will take place on May 25, 2023 at 6 p.m. in the Dortmunder U. Guest: professional freestyle snowboarder Silvia Mittermüller.

More information about the exhibition is available here.