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Statistik im Beruf: Startup vs. Health insurance

Begin: End: Location: M/E 21
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  • Veranstaltungen
  • Statistik im Beruf

Marianthi Neblik (Spezialistin Analytik/Bewertung MRSA, AOK NW, Dortmund)

I will give you an insight into my last and my current position as an analyst in a start-up (Masterplan) and once as a specialist at a health a health insurance company (AOK NW). On the one hand, it is about an e-learning platform and the associated user experience, on the other hand about diagnoses and why it is important that the doctor categorises them as accurately as possible and what morbidity-orientated risk structure compensation is and why it plays an important role in the healthcare system.

The presentation will take place on Janurary 11, 2024 at 4:15 p.m. in M/E 21. The lecture language is German.